Chocolate Shot Oatmeal Cookies

This month, I decided to join the Bakin’ Friends group from the lovely Stephanie of Steph’s Bite by Bite. Every month, she pairs interested persons with each other and then they bake something for their new friend using a secret ingredient! This month our secret ingredient was oatmeal, which for me meant lots of possibilities and a good case of decision paralysis!

I was paired up with Katie from Sweetness Hunter and I spent a good week anxiously awaiting her package of baked goods! Thankfully, she ended my torment by letting me know when she had shipped it and when I should receive it!

It truly felt like Christmas when I opened our mail box and saw this cute box waiting for me!

Look at the stickers she put all over the inside flaps! As excited as I was to find out what she had made, I had to look at each adorable sticker! I think the measuring spoons and apron were my favorites! She also included the recipe with a cute little story about how her mom once made too much dough and stuck it in the freezer, only to later discover that Katie and her sister had been eating it (and I completely know why!)

Underneath her recipe was all of this amazingly splendid hot pink paper! It’s like Katie knew I love hot pink!

Buried underneath all that lovely paper were these Chocolate Shot Oatmeal Cookies – and not just one bag, oh no! Katie hooked me up with two bags!

These cookies are wonderful! They were crisp and buttery like a shortbread cookie and I found I could never eat just one. The sprinkles were a great addition, giving just a hint of flavor. I can definitely see why Katie’s mom makes these for the holidays and I definitely think they will be making an addition to my list as well!

Make sure you stop by Katie’s blog, Sweetness Hunter, for the cookie recipe and for all of her other yummy recipes as well!

I have to admit, I was really nervous about joining the Baking’ Friends group and it probably took me about 4 days before I finally sent Stephanie an email to join the list. But I am so happy I joined! It was a lot of fun – both the baking and the receiving! If you enjoy baking and meeting great people, visit Steph’s site! It’s a month-by-month group, so if you try it once and don’t enjoy it (though I sincerely doubt you wouldn’t!), you can always choose to not join again. Or do it as your schedule permits!

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