Spiced Pumpkin Fudge

This month I decided to be a part of two different food-related groups: Bakin’ Friends and Foodie Pen Pals. I had so much fun participating in both this month, and got to know some other really awesome bloggers!

Bakin’ Friends involves sending your match some baked goods that use a secret ingredient. Last time I had a hard time choosing what to make, but this month the stars seemed to align. For my match, I made Pumpkin Butterscotch Blondies (and I highly recommend you make some, immediately!) My match was Anne of Have a Cookie and I could not wait to open the box she sent me!

Inside, was this neatly wrapped box. Upon feeling how heavy it was, I had a really good guess about it’s contents, which just made me even more excited. Can you guess what it was?

If you guessed “fudge,” you are absolutely right! Spiced Pumpkin Fudge to be exact! I have been on a fudge kick lately after going to a local cider mill, so this was such a welcome surprise! Somehow, I’ve been able to eat it in moderation – I think because I am hoping it never runs out. When I’ve tried to make fudge in the past, I’ve failed miserably, so I am kind of leery about trying again. This recipe is so good though that I might just have to make another couple attempts.

The second group I decided to join, for the first time this month, was Foodie Pen Pals. Similar to Bakin’ Friends, you get matched up with someone each month that you participate, but instead of sending baked goods, you send $15 worth of food items. The person I sent to, Rebecca of the blog Of Pots and Pens, received some apple salsa, pumpkin pancake/waffle mix, sea salt caramel cream, and some of those pumpkin butterscotch blondies.

The person that sent me items was Charlotte from California and it was her first month participating as well. Her and I sent several emails back and forth so that she could get some information about what kinds of things to send/avoid. I’m not sure I provided her with much help, but she ended up doing a fabulous job at picking things out!

Inside were three individual packets of Sunland Peanut Butter in three different flavors: banana, chocolate, and valencia; a jar of Trader Joe’s Peach Salsa; a Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Speculoos Cookie Spread bar; a bag of Trader Joe’s Zesty Nacho Kale Chips; and a loaf of homemade pumpkin bread. I have to be honest and admit I’ve not had time to try most of the items yet, but that pumpkin bread only lasted about 2 days! I think the peach salsa would go wonderfully on some chicken breasts, and I plan on savoring those packets of peanut butter because I’ve been really wanting to try Sunland for a while now. The kale chips are probably the one item I am skeptical about, but I am assured by Charlotte (and some co-workers) that they are really yummy. The Speculoos chocolate bar might take me a while to break in to. I’ve been following the Biscoff/Speculoos trend and actually picked up a jar of Speculoos while shopping for my match, but I’m afraid it will be like opening Pandora’s box.

If you are interested in joining either group, or just curious to learn more about them, please check out their respective links below. Both have been a ton of fun – I’ve met some wonderful people and thoroughly enjoy both planning the package I am going to send, and waiting for mine to arrive!


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