Culinary Art Skills Development – Class Recap

Small dice, bâtonnet, bruniose, julienne, and chiffonade cuts.

“Oh my god, I’m going into pastry so why on EARTH do I need cooking classes?”

Now I can at least answer the illogical thoughts by pointing out how much I learned! Dice, mince, chiffonade, julienne, paysanne, bâtonnet, tourné… so many different ways to cut! (And so many French words!)

Garlic paste, minced parsley, medium and large dice.

Weekends often included at least a couple hours of practicing so that when it came time for our practical skills test, I wouldn’t be so much like a deer in headlights.

The dreaded tourné potato.

We took blanching up a notch and made tomato concasse. And I now know how to season soups and stocks with a bouquet garni or sachet.

Tomato concasse, sachet, and bouquet garni.

We made yogurt…

and minestrone soup…

and roasted veggies.

And since we were in the kitchen at the same time as a soup and stocks class, there was always a bunch of food! And what helps anxiety more than food I ask?!

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