Basic Cake Decorating – Colors and Flowers

Although food coloring comes in just about every color, we learned how to make secondary/tertiary colors via the primaries. Kind of takes you back to art class, except that color wheels are much more fun made out of frosting!

Our chef had us mix opposing colors on the wheel (e.g. purple and yellow) to create three different shades of brown. Always good to know just in case! She also gave us a really good hint for using brown food coloring: add some of the color it will be next to in order to create a matching shade.

After playing around with mixing colors, we learned how to pipe grapes and sweet peas. I had a bit of a goof, as you can see by the one weird bunch but the corrected ones aren’t half bad!

We moved on to chrysanthemums and I cannot even express how much I hate piping these flowers. With the “bad” ones, we practiced making a spray of leaves and cattails. I was really rushed since we were moving on, so my cattails look a bit more like gross caterpillars!

We ended the night doing roses, which went much better than the mums! Our better looking flowers were left to harden and in a couple of weeks, we’ll be using them on a fall themed cake!

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