Basketweave Cake

Sometimes I need someone to force my focus on the bigger picture, such as when I complained about all of the mistakes on this cake.

Sure, the basketweave didn’t match up exactly, and I goofed when finishing the top border. My flowers were far from perfect and I broke a tip off of each lily petal. And as I was pointing all of this out in class, the gentleman across from me commented “I’m just focusing on the fact that I couldn’t have done this 5 weeks ago.” And he’s right. He was more than right.


Considering I hate the rope border, it came out pretty well. I had only done basketweave once, on our practice board, in a little 3″ by 3″ square. Those flower petal tips – I bet no one but me would even notice.

Sometimes I need that shift in focus, that reminder to shush the negative and critical voice, and just focus on the positives! Because after all, the cake will taste just as good even with all those little flaws!

For anyone curious about how to create a similar cake:

  • start out with a domed cake to create depth where your flowers will be sitting
  • pipe your basketweave around the cake (for a more realistic look, leave streaks in your icing)
  • pipe your top and bottom borders
  • start arranging your flowers, placing the heaviest ones in the middle
  • fill in bare spots with leaves (again, leave streaks in the color and use more than one shade)
  • add vines and buds to the sides, if desired

One comment

  1. this cake looks all positive to me! wow! I am impressed! I understand though..totally critical of my own stuff!

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