“A Mountain Town Christmas” Gingerbread Display

Nothing teaches you how to do something better than just doing it: gingerbread houses included!

When asked if I wanted to participate in a gingerbread competition for Art Van, I was more than a little excited with a pinch of apprehension. Having never made even a simple gingerbread house before, I felt a bit over my head from the very start.

Looking back, I’m kind of shocked still at all of the steps involved. The baking part was the worst part by far! The dough is mega-stiff so that it bakes and dries really firm. But that also means that rolling it out by hand was a nightmare! The palms of my hands hurt for days from all of the rolling, but it was worth it in the end!

Before we assembled our buildings, we decorated each piece. This meant having to be really careful when assembling, but made it a lot easier. My advice, by the way, is to assemble everything really late at night so that when your buildings aren’t matching up and you’re noticing how much royal icing will be needed to hold things together, you can burst into a fit of laughter! (I’m looking at you, Bob’s Seafood!)

Decorating the landscape was probably my favorite. The ice cream cone trees turned out super cute and it meant using food tweezers (I’m hooked!) Just have a plan for picking them up because if you are like me, feeling the little points break off will freak you out!

It’s also fun to add in little details, like a marshmallow fort or a little black licorice Scotty dog hanging out by a tree. (No, he didn’t pee, though he thought about it!)

Or you can make things like an adorable little snowman out of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and sprinkles!

Gingerbread Display | Butter and Sprinkles

In the end, we placed third, of which I am super proud! I estimated that we put in around 40 hours, which still didn’t allow us to do everything we had planned on. It was a great learning experience though and I fully look forward to participating in another!


  1. This was great fun! I can’t wait to do it again, knowing it will be about year that is.

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