Pink and Grey Fondant Cake

Pink and Grey Fondant Cake | Butter and Sprinkles

Although I had respect for bakers before culinary school, I definitely gained a new level.

Working with fondant and gum paste is not nearly as easy as I had anticipated. I watched videos and tutorials, but being more of a hands-on learner, they did nothing for me. And since my hands typically run on the warmer side, I’m typically the one in class complaining that the fondant is sticky and uncooperative.

My first go at covering the cake (my first time ever!) was a bit unsuccessful. The fondant was rolled to thin at the edges and began to tear, meaning I had to start all over. The piping gel was really hanging on to the fondant and made a huge, sticky mess: just my luck.

Since we had to include two fondant elements and one gum paste element, I chose to a simple ribbon for the bottom border and a swag for the top. I had planned on the little plaque being double-sided and held up on toothpicks on the top of the cake, but was rushed for time and had to place it on the side. Still cute, but left the top feeling unfinished. 

Note to future self (and anyone else that forgets): stop forgetting to plan out the back of the board and cake! (I glued my ribbon onto the board, and then placed the fondant ribbon on the cake, and both ended on opposite sides.)



  1. Fondant is a lot harder than it looks! I’m still having trouble. Your cake looks great 🙂

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